2018 H-1B Cap Filing Season – How Best to Recruit and Retain Foreign Talent 

David Brown will be discussing best practices related to immigration given the changes we've seen this past year, including some tricks and tips to ensure you're well prepared to avoid issues when hiring foreign talent in today's climate.


3 Outcomes:

Learn what to expect for 2018 H-1B Cap Season.

An outline of the process and an understanding of what's involved.

Best practices for your organization and foreign hires.


David is the managing partner of Brown Immigration Law P.C., L.L.O., a firm he founded in Lincoln, NE after moving to the Midwest from the Bay Area.  David has more than 20 years of blue-chip U.S. (and Canadian) Immigration experience including stints in Toronto and Silicon Valley.  The practice focuses almost exclusively on U.S. business immigration matters, and supports clients with global needs.  He has represented leading companies in many industries including graphic arts, special effects, high tech, health care, bio/pharmaceutical, scientific instruments, consulting and financial services, and is involved in counselling many Angel and VC backed startups on immigration issues.  David is a known frequent commentator on immigration matters through public speaking engagements to HR groups, expat groups, corporate clients and interested employer groups.  He has contributed to legislative initiatives, testified multiple times on various immigration issues and is active on a state-wide immigration coalition.  David was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. in late 2000, where he held a TN, H-1, and then Permanent Residence before becoming a U.S. citizen in 2008.  He has experienced the process many employers and employees go through in hiring foreign born talent and prides himself in recognizing this is an individual experience for everyone who goes through it.