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Our services

  • Workspace + Rooms

    Flexible plans from hot-desks all the way to your own private room or office. Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Community Network

    Connect with other members to collaborate on new projects and ideas. Social events offer exciting ways to network within the community to foster innovation and sustainability.

  • Education

    Wide variety of lectures, workshops, and tech trainings offered each month for members to attend. Become a leader in the community by presenting on a desired topic.

Choose your membership

  • Drop-In: 4 Day Passes for $50



    • 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri. Drop-In Desk for the occasional coworker - four day passes, reocurring monthly.

      Find an open seat, power up and get to work! 

      Want more than four days per month? Upgrade to a Hot Desk or Dedicated Desk Membership. 

      For more information, get in touch with our Community Director!

  • Hot Desk - 24/7 Access



    • 24/7 Desk: Unlimited, around-the-clock access to coworking at Fuse PLUS up to 20 hours per month of meeting room access for one low monthly rate! $150/month 

  • Dedicated Desk



    • 24/7 Dedicated Desk: See that desk over there? It's YOURS! Bring in your monitor, your bobble-heads, and join our great coworking community! Dedicated desk members are provided a touch-of-the-button sit-stand desk and a locking file cabinet, if desired. PLUS up to 20 hours per month of meeting room space. $300/mo

Our additional products

  • 4 Visit Bundle

    4 Visits Bundle - This is a one time purchase for visitors to FUSE.

    $50,00 Get it now
  • Day Pass

    One drop-in day pass at Fuse

    $20,00 Get it now
  • Tshirts

    Men's and women's styles available

    $10,00 Get it now
  • Business Continuity Plan

    Utilize FUSE Coworking to mitigate disaster and ensure your business' continuity.

    $6000,00 Get it now
  • Annual Committed Sponsor

    Premier sponsor of our learning series + social events hosted at FUSE. 24/7 employee access for remote working.

    $3000,00 Get it now

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