Going to work is as central in human life as sleeping and eating, and is arguably the primary way we've spent our time on Earth. Technology has freed us from planning our lives around our place of employment, but for many of us this freedom has distorted the lines between work and life in another way.

For most entrepreneurs and telecommuters, work and life often happen within the confines of home or a location that was once viewed as a recreation space. The convenience of working from home is overshadowed by  the distractions of everyday life and often makes one feel lonely and unproductive. When we try to escape the isolation of our homes and do our work elsewhere, we often end up in coffee shops, book stores and the like, turning places we used to enjoy into just another makeshift workplace.

FUSE Coworking aims to give people a place they enjoy working. FUSE provides coworkers with everything they need to succeed: a quiet place to work with blazing-fast internet; meeting space; and, of course, coffee. On top of meeting the physical demands of a great space, FUSE immerses coworkers in a culture where people can bounce ideas off others, learn from other businesses' experiences, and put their brains together to form unique solutions. In short, FUSE gives entrepreneurs and telecommuters a place to call work.