FUSE Member of the Week | Andrew Tuzson

“Love your craft from Back to front.” With this motto and hard work, Evol Empire Creative believes everything will fall into place. They strive “to do what they love and love what they do” to provide the highest Quality service to all of their customers through superior work and witty attitudes (try spelling lovE from back to front).

Evol provides a wide range of services from one end of the digital ecosystem to the other. Their two main markets are design, which includes branding through digital media, and web marketing. The design aspect of Evol includes providing services to businesses they can then share with their potential customers. They create amazing websites for companies, as well as provide graphic designs to portray the company’s culture. These are touch and see aspects of Evol. Through their marketing tactics, Evol helps businesses determine who is the best group to target for the product that company provides and determines the most effective way to reach the targeted group. This is how Evol has positioned itself to be a well-rounded business in a growing community in Lincoln.

“FUSE as an incubator for small and growing businesses that do not need a lot of space.”

Evol has experienced exponential growth in the last two months. As the founder of Evol, Andrew Tuzson and his wife, Angela, have been hard at work to make this company a success.  Since the Tuzson’s moved to Lincoln in May, when it was only the two of them with Evol, the business has evolved into ten high caliber members as the core of operations. Andrew knows that this growth could not have been achieved without much sacrifice and hard work that has gone into starting the business.

The plan for Andrew and Angela was to find a place with a welcoming and safe community where they could raise their children, but they also needed a place where Evol could thrive. They believed Lincoln was the best fit for their family and their business. The need in the Lincoln area for a diversified web development and marketing group has been in high demand. Businesses have had to hire several different companies to complete the many needs they have. Evol has been able to provide an answer to all of these needs as a one-stop-shop design company. Lincoln’s small business and start-up community has been exploding! With this kind of growth, these small companies have been in need of affordable well-rounded services that Evol can provide.

Andrew brought Evol to FUSE Coworking after he heard about the space through some of the connections he made. Once he visited, he knew it was the place he needed to grow his business. FUSE offered a very smooth transition for Andrew from Denver to Lincoln as well as a welcoming atmosphere that benefited the growth of Evol Empire Creative through several networking opportunities. The company has grown so rapidly FUSE is no longer able to provide enough space for their needs. The members are sad to see them go, but knowing they are just a few floors down is comforting.

Andrew describes FUSE as an incubator for small and growing businesses that do not need a lot of space. He is sad to be moving Evol Empire Creative out of FUSE because of all the opportunities they have been able to provide especially through networking. However, with an expanding business looking to hire more positions, they are ready to take on their own space.

As Evol continues on their journey, Andrew will continue to foster the relationships he has created during his time at FUSE. The connections he has made the last couple of months have been very influential in the growth of Evol. Andrew has already become involved in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln Young Professionals Group. He has been able to give back to the community while also learning from other members of the groups. Andrew feels it has been very important to be a part of this community and understands that you only get out as much as you put in.

This philosophy is why Evol has seen so much success here in Lincoln. The hard work Andrew and Angela have put into getting this company up and running and the connections they have made, have provided a solid base for Evol to be able to thrive in an already wonderful Lincoln community.